• STEP 1

    Prepare the hair using Wise up Shampoo from Bed Head for Men.

  • STEP 2

    Apply Power Play Gel as a cutting agent.

  • STEP 3

    To start the cut take a high recession horseshoe.

  • STEP 4

    Blow dry the underneath area before proceeding.

  • STEP 5 A

    Using the #1 blade attachment establish the foundation for the skin fade at the temple level horizontally all around the head.

  • STEP 5 B

  • STEP 5 C

  • STEP 6

    Now using the clippers over the comb create the block graduation weight line along the horseshoe section.

  • STEP 7 A

    To complete the fade, alternate the blade attachments on the clippers going from larger to smaller until the graduation appears seamless from the hairline to the horseshoe section.

  • STEP 7 B

  • STEP 7 C

  • STEP 8

    Now take a radial division to separate the crown from the front.

  • STEP 9 A

    Pivot around the crown and remove weight using point cutting following the head shape on both sides of the head.

  • STEP 9 B

  • STEP 10

    In front of the ear continue with horizontal sections and follow the guide from the back creating a subtle disconnection from the underneath area.

  • STEP 11

    Over direct the front section to maintain length and weight through the fringe.

  • STEP 12 A

    Repeat the same technique on 14B. the opposite side.

  • STEP 12 B

  • STEP 13

    Blow dry forward with a small paddle brush.

  • STEP 14 A

    Detail the disconnection as well as the interior using parallel point cutting.

  • STEP 14 B

  • STEP 15

    Reshape the fringe by point cutting at a low elevation across the forehead.

  • STEP 16

    Finish the cut using Matte Separation Wax to give hold and definition to the texture.



    CUTTING & STYLING: Directed off the face, styled with hold and separation


    CUTTING & STYLING: Statement-making sophistication, refined direction


    CUTTING & STYLING: Styled off the face for loose coolness


    CUTTING & SYTLING: Slick control for a textured finish