• STEP 1

    Prepare the hair using Charge Up Shampoo from Bed Head for Men.

  • STEP 2

    Apply Pure Texture Molding Paste as a cutting agent.

  • STEP 3 A

    Take a curved horseshoe section from high recession to above the occipital bone at the back.

  • STEP 3 B

  • STEP 4

    Establish a block graduation weight line at 45˚elevation using the razor for a defused effect.

  • STEP 5

    Continue consistently along the horseshoe until the center back is reached.

  • STEP 6 A

    Switching to the scissors, complete the sides by layering parallel to the head shape to blend the underneath area to the graduation on both sides of the head.

  • STEP 6 B

  • STEP 6 C

  • STEP 6 D

  • STEP 7

    Now take a radial division at the top. Continue taking a central vertical section at the crown. Comb the hair to 90˚elevate to 45˚and blunt decreasing in length towards the bottom to build weight above the occipital bone.

  • STEP 8

    Pivot around the crown and over direct each section slightly back to increase length and weight towards to sides.

  • STEP 9

    From the crown forward take a center vertical section. Use the guide from the crown and remove weight by point cutting, squarely to the head shape.

  • STEP 10 A

    The rest of the top is approached with slight diagonal back sections. Using the guide from the center complete the layering squarely all throughout the top.

  • STEP 10 B

  • STEP 11

    To remove weight internally use the thinning shears section by section.

  • STEP 12

  • STEP 13

    Blow-dry the hair back off the face, using a large round brush to smooth the hair and eliminate natural movement.

  • STEP 14 A

    Finish the cut with Matte Separation Wax to give hold and direction to the style.

  • STEP 14 B



    CUTTING & SYTLING: Slick control for a textured finish


    CUTTING & STYLING: Personalized shape and defined texture


    CUTTING & STYLING: Strong and detailed, textured and shapely


    CUTTING & STYLING: Styled off the face for loose coolness