• STEP 01

    Make a central profile parting from the forehead to the nape.

  • STEP 02

    Then take two horizontal sections from the bottom of the occipital bone to the middle of the ears. Comb the hair to its natural fall, elevate to 45˚ and point-cut parallel to the parting to create a horizontal graduation at the nape.

  • STEP 03

    Continue this technique at the top of the ear, maintaining a stationary 45˚ elevation.

  • STEP 04

    Above the occipital bone, work with slight diagonal back sections.

  • STEP 05A

    Use the same technique and work evenly, following the guide on both sides of the head until the centre parting is reached. To maintain softness, point-cut each section slightly longer from the occipital bone, upwards.

  • STEP 05B

  • STEP 05C

  • STEP 05D

  • STEP 06A

    To create softness throughout the shape, maintain elevation in front of the ear.

  • STEP 06B

  • STEP 07

    Take a triangular section for the fringe.

  • STEP 08

    Comb the hair to its natural fall and point-cut squarely at a low elevation.

  • STEP 09

    Take a radial parting from ear to ear across the crown, followed by a central vertical section from the crown to the nape. Comb and elevate the hair to 90˚ to the round of the head, and point-cut the corner to soften the shape.

  • STEP 10A

    Using the same technique, continue with pivoting sections around the crown on both sides of the head.

  • STEP 10B

  • STEP 11A

    Continue working with pivoting sections in front of the ear. Over-direct each section back to ear level and follow the guide from the back.

  • STEP 11B

  • STEP 12

    Apply Superstar Queen for a Day to give support and grip to the hair.

  • STEP 13

    Blow-dry the hair smooth with a TIGI PRO Small Paddle Brush.

  • STEP 14A

    To personalise, point-cut through the entire shape.

  • STEP 14B

  • STEP 15

    To personalise, point-cut through the entire shape. Detail the fringe using parallel point-cutting.

  • STEP 16

    Use shallow point-cutting to reshape and personalise the hairline at the nape.

  • STEP 17

    Cocktail Manipulator and Joyride to de-frizz and control the texture. Finish the look with Hard Head Hairspray to lock in the lived-in feeling.


  • ✂ NUDE

    CUTTING: 1990's Transient


    CUTTING: Advanced technical layering for nonchalant softness


    CUTTING: 1970's Layered Shape


    CUTTING: Confident, conceptual classic shape